Catherine Simms, Founder

Catherine SimmsI was born and raised on the Northwestern coast of Brittany, France. I grew up loving the ocean salty scents. During the summer months, I could smell the ocean and seaweed aromas coming through our open windows.

Having spent years in Provence, I recall walking to school with my brothers through warm vineyards and lavender fields. The fragrance was intoxicating. I grew a real love for herbs and flowers.

I live now in Stamford, CT USA with my husband Stephen and our sweet Black Labrador Blue, who gets his beautiful shiny coat from coconut oil.

Inspired by Life Events

I always had a full head of hair, and then some. However, after some very stressful times, one morning my hair started falling out: it was in the shower drain, the hairbrush and the sink.

From this point on, it was happening on a daily basis. I had to do something. I wanted to find a natural product to help me with stress and anxiety, underlying causes of my hair loss.

This is when my search for the best natural  stress and anxiety treatments began. It took months of research and study.

I wanted a formula that would be beneficial to everyone who was in the same situation.

while researching the condition, I realized that as many as 43.8 million adults experience mental illness in a given year. I had no idea!

I selected the most potent ingredients, backed by science, studies and real life testimonials. While conducting ingredients research, I also discovered that they were highly beneficial to energy levels, mood, depression, memory, focus, mind and overall wellness.